Sunday, February 1, 2015

Have a PARTY at the ARTERY!

We have moved to our new location on the corner of 25th & Champa and it is turning out to be an ever better studio space for gatherings!  The Artery is a great place to bring your group to print custom T-Shirts for birthday parties, sports teams, girl scouts, baby showers - or just ladies night out.

Let me show you how it works.

Start with your image.
It should be drawn or illustrated in BLACK AND WHITE.  You can find some inspiration online, look thru clip art and print some items you like, font to use or find a theme.  If you are drawing an original - a thick black sharpie is the best thing to use. (no greyscale - or shading)  Once you have the image, you can email it to me and we will go from there.  Some images will work to add a fill area.  That is where you can print the image with an additional color.  See some examples below.

The host provided this AWESOME IMAGE of a DRAGUTOR.

I then added a fill area and we were able to print the shirts with whatever color ink the guest wants.
Some do one color - or make it a rainbow (split fountain)  - and then the original image can be printed over in black (or another color.   This is fun because they all have the same basic shirt, but they get to customize it with their favorite colors - and also placement.

Here is the group of printers we had. 7 very unique Dragutor T-shirts were made!

Here are some other examples of original artwork turned into T-Shirts at the Artery 

This group was having a sleepover - so they came and printed sleep shirts & pillow cases.
The image was repeated and then we used other clip-art screens to make sure everyones was custom.

Another dragon w/ initials of all of her friends surrounding the artwork
This one a one color line drawing with the fill added to make it 2 color. 

Here are some T-Shirts made with clip art from the studio screens we have on hand.

for Girl Scouts - a cool troop image of all of the activities they did that year.

and then a rad FIELD DAY T-SHIRT design printed for the class of 30 - 

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Fantasy Landscapes PAINTING CLASS - taught by Lizzie Mara

This is the last Painting class taught by Lizzie Mara for this summer.  
The class is Monday, JULY 29th from 11-3PM.  Sign up now.  Space is limited.

This class the students will be learning about mixing color, choices of brushes,
composition while painting on canvas.  SURE TO LEAVE WITH A finished MASTERPIECE!

To sign up go to and click on WORKSHOPS
of follow this link CLICK HERE

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Kids PAINTING class comes to theArtery!

I am so excited to announce two dates for kids acrylic painting at theArtery!  I am teaming with the fabulous Lizzie Mara to finally bring painting to the kids.   This is a class NOT to be missed and space is limited!

Here is info on the class:

Students will explore techniques in using acrylic paint. We will explore the paint media on canvas. This class will also illuminate the importance of using the right brush and how to care for your brushes. The class goal will be to acquire new techniques for using paint to achieve various textures, line elements, & depth.
“My wish is to give kids an opportunity to explore and become comfortable with various media, the vernacular of art & composition, inspire kids to dream big & help build their confidence. I have a passion for helping students create works that are true keep sakes - using everyday exercises to make pieces that they can take home with immense pride.” –Lizzie Mara
CLASSES AT theArtery are being offered Monday, July 1st and again July 29th from 11-3PM !

About Lizzie:
I am Lizzie Mara; a professional mixed media artist + illustrator with a passion for color, teaching thoughtful allegorical composition, and design. I realized my love of art at the tender age of 3 in Montessori school and finished my B.A in fine art at the Lacoste School of the Arts in Lacoste, France. I have been teaching art lessons (private and group) from my home since 2005. My inspiration comes from flora and fauna, music and humanity. It is a true joy for me to share my love of the arts with children. Every class I teach becomes incredibly interdisciplinary - because art is essentially a mix of science, math and of course some poetry! 

Monday, February 4, 2013

ART STAGE this weekend

We ♥ Art is this SATURDAY @ Southmoor Elementary.
theArtery is running the ART STAGE!  Come and design/print your own custom Tshirts.  Bring your own (light colored/cotton Tshirts work the best)  OR buy one for $5 while supplies last.   We will be printing from 10-12pm and 1-3PM.    SEE YOU THERE!

We have all sorts of fun images to choose from.  Ninjas, Pandas, Narwahls, Mustaches and Bacon!  
yes, RANDOM!  but fun!

Saturday, November 24, 2012

the HOLIDAYS are here!


Thursday, October 11, 2012

THIS Saturday -OCT 13th!

Come out to the Artery this Saturday night.  It is second saturdays in the RINO district.  We are hosting a FREE silkscreen your own TRICK OR TREAT bag.  Use the bags we have OR bring a pillowcase and come create something spooky!

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

FALL/WINTER schedule posted here first.

HERE IS A SNEAK PEEK OF THE SCHEDULE before it hits the calendar/workshop page on the Arterys website.

OCTOBER class schedule:

Saturday OCT 13th  6-9pm   Second Saturday -drop in -
2nd saturdays in the RINO district.  Stop in and visit the Artery.  Bring your own bag, or use a paper bag to create something spooky.  Library of images available.  

Sunday OCT 21st 1-4pm drop in-Halloween TRICK OR TREAT BAGS.  $10
theArtery will be open from 1-4pm - all ages welcome.
Bring your own bag or use one of our canvas bags to SILKSCREEN something
goolish and spooky.  We have halloween art to choose from. 

NOVEMBER class schedule:

Saturday  NOV 17th - 1-330pm  Kids ages 6+ Holiday CARD EXCHANGE - $20   
Get a jump on the season.  Use the card stock we have, or bring your own.  Use the images we have to create Holiday or Thank You cards.  Make enough cards to trade with your fellow printers and go home with an eclectic bunch of cards to get you thru the season.

Sunday NOV 25th - 1-4pm   Kids ages 7+ Holiday keepsake CRAFTs.  Ornaments/etc.  $35
Using fabric, paper, paint and glitter - we will create some holiday keepsakes.  
Lisa Johnston & Kathryn Lepry.

Friday  NOV 30th - 530pm -9pm    Kids ages 7+  SUPER SECRET CRAFT & A MOVIE.  $35    ($25 for second child)
Drop your kids off Friday night for pizza/crafting and a movie.  We can't tell you what they will be making, but they will leave with a gift for their parents to open for the holidays.  We will also watch a (holiday) movie on the giant-screen.

DECEMBER class schedule:

Sunday DEC 2nd - 12pm -3pm    Kids ages 7+  Holiday Sewing.  $35  
Use fabric/scraps (what we have at the studio or bring your own) and sew a keepsake stocking or star to use each holiday.  Lisa Johnston & fabric artist, Nancy Briney.

Wednesday DEC 5th - 6pm-830pm  ADULT Holiday CARD EXCHANGE - $25   
Use the card stock we have, or bring your own.  Use the images we have to create Holiday or Thank You cards.  Make enough cards to trade with your fellow printers and go home with an eclectic bunch of cards to get you thru the season.

Sunday DEC 16th - 1pm-330pm  KIDS Holiday CARD EXCHANGE - $25  
Use the card stock we have, or bring your own.  Use the images we have to create Holiday or Thank You cards.  Make enough cards to trade with your fellow printers and go home with an eclectic bunch of cards to get you thru the season.

JANUARY class schedule:

Thursday JAN 3rd - 10am -4pm   Kids ages 8+   Wrap Skirts  $65 
First the kids will print their own custom fabric and then Designer, Denise Chaudhari will help them turn their fabric into unique wrap skirts.  Bring your own fabric or use the solid colors we have to print with.