Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Fantasy Landscapes PAINTING CLASS - taught by Lizzie Mara

This is the last Painting class taught by Lizzie Mara for this summer.  
The class is Monday, JULY 29th from 11-3PM.  Sign up now.  Space is limited.

This class the students will be learning about mixing color, choices of brushes,
composition while painting on canvas.  SURE TO LEAVE WITH A finished MASTERPIECE!

To sign up go to www.thearterydenver.com and click on WORKSHOPS
of follow this link CLICK HERE

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Kids PAINTING class comes to theArtery!

I am so excited to announce two dates for kids acrylic painting at theArtery!  I am teaming with the fabulous Lizzie Mara to finally bring painting to the kids.   This is a class NOT to be missed and space is limited!

Here is info on the class:

Students will explore techniques in using acrylic paint. We will explore the paint media on canvas. This class will also illuminate the importance of using the right brush and how to care for your brushes. The class goal will be to acquire new techniques for using paint to achieve various textures, line elements, & depth.
“My wish is to give kids an opportunity to explore and become comfortable with various media, the vernacular of art & composition, inspire kids to dream big & help build their confidence. I have a passion for helping students create works that are true keep sakes - using everyday exercises to make pieces that they can take home with immense pride.” –Lizzie Mara
CLASSES AT theArtery are being offered Monday, July 1st and again July 29th from 11-3PM !

About Lizzie:
I am Lizzie Mara; a professional mixed media artist + illustrator with a passion for color, teaching thoughtful allegorical composition, and design. I realized my love of art at the tender age of 3 in Montessori school and finished my B.A in fine art at the Lacoste School of the Arts in Lacoste, France. I have been teaching art lessons (private and group) from my home since 2005. My inspiration comes from flora and fauna, music and humanity. It is a true joy for me to share my love of the arts with children. Every class I teach becomes incredibly interdisciplinary - because art is essentially a mix of science, math and of course some poetry! 

Monday, February 4, 2013

ART STAGE this weekend

We ♥ Art is this SATURDAY @ Southmoor Elementary.
theArtery is running the ART STAGE!  Come and design/print your own custom Tshirts.  Bring your own (light colored/cotton Tshirts work the best)  OR buy one for $5 while supplies last.   We will be printing from 10-12pm and 1-3PM.    SEE YOU THERE!

We have all sorts of fun images to choose from.  Ninjas, Pandas, Narwahls, Mustaches and Bacon!  
yes, RANDOM!  but fun!