Sunday, February 1, 2015

Have a PARTY at the ARTERY!

We have moved to our new location on the corner of 25th & Champa and it is turning out to be an ever better studio space for gatherings!  The Artery is a great place to bring your group to print custom T-Shirts for birthday parties, sports teams, girl scouts, baby showers - or just ladies night out.

Let me show you how it works.

Start with your image.
It should be drawn or illustrated in BLACK AND WHITE.  You can find some inspiration online, look thru clip art and print some items you like, font to use or find a theme.  If you are drawing an original - a thick black sharpie is the best thing to use. (no greyscale - or shading)  Once you have the image, you can email it to me and we will go from there.  Some images will work to add a fill area.  That is where you can print the image with an additional color.  See some examples below.

The host provided this AWESOME IMAGE of a DRAGUTOR.

I then added a fill area and we were able to print the shirts with whatever color ink the guest wants.
Some do one color - or make it a rainbow (split fountain)  - and then the original image can be printed over in black (or another color.   This is fun because they all have the same basic shirt, but they get to customize it with their favorite colors - and also placement.

Here is the group of printers we had. 7 very unique Dragutor T-shirts were made!

Here are some other examples of original artwork turned into T-Shirts at the Artery 

This group was having a sleepover - so they came and printed sleep shirts & pillow cases.
The image was repeated and then we used other clip-art screens to make sure everyones was custom.

Another dragon w/ initials of all of her friends surrounding the artwork
This one a one color line drawing with the fill added to make it 2 color. 

Here are some T-Shirts made with clip art from the studio screens we have on hand.

for Girl Scouts - a cool troop image of all of the activities they did that year.

and then a rad FIELD DAY T-SHIRT design printed for the class of 30 -